Technology and the Church

Some people say the church is old-fashioned. Some go even further and claim that the church is irrelevant!

What do you think?

Where does our modern technology fit in with the church? Should we even care about this new technology?

iPhone Bible-002

I believe the church has been in the dark ages for a while. It is time to embrace the new technology we have at our fingertips to reach the newer generations with the message and love Jesus has to offer. We could choose to stay in the dark ages, but if we do, the writing for our future, or lack of it, is clearly on the wall. Moving forward requires us to embrace technology.

So, we are starting a new Interactive Online Bible Study, which will use some of this modern technology. On Sunday in worship I will show a short teaser to introduce the concept to the congregation. The great news is we have 7 people signed up already!

Here’s how it will work. Each week I will post some short videos on a Bible topic. We are starting with: “How to Understand the Bible.” Participants can view this video clips throughout the week at their convenience and they will be available online for anyone to view. Then, one evening each week, I will host an online forum to discuss the videos and topic for the week. This will allow interaction among us as we discuss and learn together!

I know some of you work or are busy on Wednesday mornings when we hold our traditional Bible Study. Hopefully, this new format will allow more people to get involved in studying the Bible and learning what it means for us today.

You can join the Interactive Online Bible Study by clicking here. If you have any trouble signing up, please let me know.

Let’s embrace technology and show that we really are a relevant and vibrant church!

Just imagine the possibilities!!!


The Power of Prayer


We just launched a new online software called “The Table Project.” The idea is to bring us together more often than just Sunday mornings. There are several features or apps in this program, but the one I want to talk about today is the Prayer App.

SUMC has a strong belief and practice in prayer. We have several Prayer Chains and almost all of our groups pray for one another in our church and extended families. We also spend time in corporate prayer on Sunday morning. We know the power and importance of prayer!

The church’s new Table Project helps us stay connected with one another in our prayer life virtually. Here’s how it works:

  1. Someone posts a prayer
  2. The prayer request is then sent out to others in the Table
  3. A persons who receive the request, clicks on a “Pray Now” button and then prayers a prayer
  4. The prayer request tracks how many prayers were offered up for this specific request
  5. The wonderful thing is this can be done from your computer, tablet, or smart phone
  6. The recipient of the prayer request knows that prayers were offered up on their behalf

This is all possible thanks to the new Table Project, but you have to sign up to be part of this meaningful aspect in our church’s prayer life. Think of it as another Prayer Chain but with a visible response for each prayer prayed for each request!

To sign up for the new SUMC Table Project, click here.

The Table Project offers many more features, but today I just wanted to highlight the Prayer App. Those who already are signed up are excited about how this Prayer App is working and how we get a real sense of our connectedness!

Sign up today (it’s free) and be part of our Stroudsburg UMC Table Project!


Stroudsburg UMC’s Table Project

Table Project is an online church software program that allows church members and friends to sit at a virtual table.

One cool feature is that we can post prayer requests on the table and others can respond by praying for the person. When the prayer is prayed, you can indicate that the person has been prayed for on the page and a running count of how many prayers were lifted up!

Another feature allows Small Groups can stay connected privately among themselves and only themselves. The leaders of the Small Groups will have the option of opening their Table page to everyone or just those who are members of their Small Group. If the group is private then no one else sees their content.

A feature I really like is called Serve. Here we can post the different volunteer needs we have in the church. We can explain in detail what the need is and people can sign up to volunteer for this specific need. Pretty cool, huh?

I believe our new Stroudsburg UMC Table Project will be helpful to us on a number of levels to stay connected with one another.

Go to this new page and sign up today! Then fill out your profile and start exploring the content we already started. Add some content of your own: prayer requests, volunteer opportunities, etc.