What Matters to You and What Matters to God?

What matters to you?

What do you care about? What are you passionate about? What do you get excited about? Is there something above most other things that matter to you? Does your family, your career, your pets, your car, or your hobbies matter to you? Why? Why do these things matter to you? And what do these persons or things say about your values?

Now, what matters to God? Does God care about your interests, your family, your hobbies, your car, and your career? Does God care about the church? What matters to God?

This week we are kicking off a sermon series on stewardship. I know, some of you might be thinking to yourself, “oh no, here we go again, the church is talking about money.” Well, money matters to God. If we agree that God cares about the church, and if it takes money for the church to provide ministries, then money does matter to God. What’s more, if this is correct, then money and how we spend it should matter to us, too.

Jesus talked a lot about money. In the parable of the talents he spoke clearly about stewardship and how God expects us to be good stewards. Stewardship matters to God and stewardship should matter to us, too.

Over the next three weeks we will explore “Money and Me” in the sermons. We will define stewardship and examine why it should matter to us. We will also explain why stewardship matters to God.

Do you have a good biblical definition of stewardship? How would you describe stewardship to your neighbor if she asked you to define it? What do you think of stewardship? If you get a chance, share your thoughts on these questions either in the comments on this blog, or by emailing me.