Stroudsburg UMC’s Table Project

Table Project is an online church software program that allows church members and friends to sit at a virtual table.

One cool feature is that we can post prayer requests on the table and others can respond by praying for the person. When the prayer is prayed, you can indicate that the person has been prayed for on the page and a running count of how many prayers were lifted up!

Another feature allows Small Groups can stay connected privately among themselves and only themselves. The leaders of the Small Groups will have the option of opening their Table page to everyone or just those who are members of their Small Group. If the group is private then no one else sees their content.

A feature I really like is called Serve. Here we can post the different volunteer needs we have in the church. We can explain in detail what the need is and people can sign up to volunteer for this specific need. Pretty cool, huh?

I believe our new Stroudsburg UMC Table Project will be helpful to us on a number of levels to stay connected with one another.

Go to this new page and sign up today! Then fill out your profile and start exploring the content we already started. Add some content of your own: prayer requests, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Stroudsburg UMC is Now on Twitter!

Social media is a great way to stay connected. News, sports, and almost any interest can be followed on Twitter. Each Tweet is limited to 140 characters, so the messages are short and to the point. We feel the church should stay connected using this great technology and social medium.

Here is how to connect to the Stroudsburg UMC Twitter page:

You do need to set up your own Twitter account if you have not done so already. Then, once you do, you can start following SUMC’s Twitter feed by going to our page and clicking on “Follow.” The great thing is that every time we post a new status or announcement on Facebook or on Twitter, you will receive the feed via your Twitter account.

Stay connected and Tweet us back!