Stroudsburg UMC’s Table Project

Table Project is an online church software program that allows church members and friends to sit at a virtual table.

One cool feature is that we can post prayer requests on the table and others can respond by praying for the person. When the prayer is prayed, you can indicate that the person has been prayed for on the page and a running count of how many prayers were lifted up!

Another feature allows Small Groups can stay connected privately among themselves and only themselves. The leaders of the Small Groups will have the option of opening their Table page to everyone or just those who are members of their Small Group. If the group is private then no one else sees their content.

A feature I really like is called Serve. Here we can post the different volunteer needs we have in the church. We can explain in detail what the need is and people can sign up to volunteer for this specific need. Pretty cool, huh?

I believe our new Stroudsburg UMC Table Project will be helpful to us on a number of levels to stay connected with one another.

Go to this new page and sign up today! Then fill out your profile and start exploring the content we already started. Add some content of your own: prayer requests, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Are You Participating in a Small Group?

Small Groups come in a variety of flavors–some are designed to help us grow deeper in our faith and others are more recreational and relational. The goal for Small Groups at Stroudsburg UMC is to have a great variety of Small Groups to interest as many members and friends of the church as possible.

You can learn more about our Small Groups here.

Small Groups bring together people for a common purpose to grow together. If you haven’t tried participating in a Small Group yet, I encourage you to give it a try. Look over the list of Small Groups, pray about it, and contact the leader to give it a try!

My Favorite Bible Study App: Bible Reader

Two years ago I made the monumental shift from a PC laptop to an Apple. Overall, I am extremely happy with the results but I was slow in adding Bible Study software to my new format. I used to have a wide variety of Bible software on my laptop including Quickverse and Nelson’s Electronic Bible. These were dated editions, however, and would not work on the new Apple format. Purchasing Bible software could not be a priority at first because I had other more pressing needs initially.

I did download Bible Reader so I could read the Bible on my MacBook Pro and I used this app most of the time when wanting to check out a particular scripture reading. I did not purchase my favorite translations of the Bible, so this app was only used occasionally and without much practical use in my leadership as a pastor.

This is all changed recently when I decided that something need to be done to get me up to speed with an electronic Bible with good translations and Bible Study helps. It was easy to purchase the add on software packages by purchasing The Bible Study Kit to accompany Bible Reader on my laptop. This bundle includes the following translations: NRSV, NIV, HCSB, and KJV. It also includes the KJV with Strong’s Numbers; the Amplified Bible; Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary; Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary; Easton’s Bible Dictionary; Nave’s Topical Bible Index; Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary; Treasury of Scripture Knowledge; Olive Tree KJV Concordance; Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional; Daily Light, KJV; Life Journal Daily Reading Plan, and Manna Maps Study Set. I also added on the Harper Collins Study Bible.

The result is a a good, quality set of electronic Bible Study tools that are always at my fingertips. An added bonus is that everything syncs to my iPhone, including any notes or highlights I make in Bible Reader. This is sweet!

I am now using Bible Reader diligently for sermon preparation, my weekly Bible Study, and my Small Group.

I highly recommend Bible Reader for anyone who wants to study the Bible more deeply.