Reflections on Holy Week

Hallelujah! He is risen!

Yesterday we celebrated Easter Sunday and concluded an eventful Holy Week. It all started with Palm Sunday. That joyous celebration was short-lived as the mood of the week changed already by Maundy Thursday. Then, we journeyed with the cross on Good Friday. Whew, it was an eventful week!

I often wonder just how many emotions must have been going through Jesus’ mind during that original holy week. Joy, celebration, disappointment, discouragement, anxiety, worry, betrayal, denial, and many more feelings and emotions must have been part of Jesus’ experience that week.

Now that Holy Week for 2016 is over, I think it is good for us to reflect on the week. How are we changed by these events? Have we moved closer to our risen Lord? Do we better understand the full meaning of his resurrection and life-giving promise?

As we reflect on holy week, let us be a reflection of our risen Savior in all that we say and all that we do this Easter Season!