Devotional Podcasts

There are many ways to engage in daily devotionals. Some believers enjoy using The Upper Room daily devotional each day as their guide. Others have dedicated themselves to reading through the entire Bible in a year. Some just make it a habit to pray and read the Bible every day.

Recently I was introduced to a new format. Bill Stewart graciously shared with me a podcast called Pray as You Go. It is a daily podcast that includes a Bible reading and some thought-provoking questions about the reading as well as some prayer suggestions. I really like this format and have added it to my daily devotional regiment.

I upload the podcast each week to my iPod. Then, each day I listen to that particular day’s devotion. Typically, I listen to it in my truck on my way to the church. Each episode is only about 10 minutes in length but it is very good. Give it a try and see what you think. Here is the link: