Working Hard

Welcome to Labor Day Weekend!

Many of us mark Labor Day Weekend as the official end of summer. We gather for one last picnic or get away for a long weekend with family and friends. But why do we celebrate Labor Day anyway?

I did a little research and discovered that the first Labor Day was held on September 5, 1882 in New York City. It was started by a labor movement to honor the hard work and achievements of American workers. The idea gained momentum and by 1894 23 other states honored workers by celebrating a Labor Day. That same year Congress pass a bill unanimously making Labor Day a national holiday.

Hard work and achievement are to be honored. Without the hard work, devotion, and dedication of workers across the country we could not have accomplished anywhere what we have in our history. Hard work is honored and looked upon favorably by our country.

Do you think it is any different in the church? Do we not also see the value of those who work hard in the church and our community? Sometime blue-collar┬álabor is looked down upon–especially in a time when many are trying to climb the corporate ladder and make the big bucks. But without the hard work of these blue-collar employees a whole lot would never get accomplished.

My mom and dad taught me the value of hard work and yet sometimes I forget about it. It is easy to sit in an air-conditioned office and forget about those toiling in the heat of the day. My mom and dad have worked hard all their lives, and they taught us by example the value and good feeling we experience when we get our hands dirty. We grew up in the midst of a lot of farmland and I worked on farms for many years–putting away hay, feeding pigs, milking cows, and working on a chicken farm for eight years. I also still do most of the vehicle maintenance on our car and truck–changing oil, replacing brake pads and rotors, etc. And every time I see my dirty hands I think of my parents and the valuable lessons they taught my brother and me.

This Labor Day think about the value and honor of hard work. And remember all those who work hard every day.