How can I Grow in Gods’ Love?

Where are you?

I assume you may be sitting at your computer or perhaps somewhere with your Blackberry or PDA. Where are you? Are you sitting down or standing up? Are you in a quiet, comfortable room; or are you in a noisy wireless cafe? Are you home, at work, or out and about? Just where are you?

This question, “Where are you?” begs a physical answer. For example, I am currently in my home office sitting in front of my computer and a nice cold glass of iced tea.

But we can go deeper!

Where are you in your walk with the Lord?

Are you growing closer to God or is there a gap or chasm developing between you and God? Do you love God? Do you spend time with God? Do you go to worship? Do you spend some time every day with God? Where are you in your spiritual journey?

Do you realize you can grow in your love for God? God lovesĀ  you very much. So much that God sent Jesus into the world to save you and me from our sins. The cost was high, but Jesus paid the price and God’s love for us in unquestionable!

This week’s sermon will explore how we can grow in God’s love. Come out on Sunday to find the answers to this question or connect to the upcoming sermon online here.