What is a Disciple?

If someone asked you today, “What is a disciple?” what would you say? Can you explain what a disciple is and what a disciple does?

The word disciple does not pop up in our modern-day language all that much. For example, when is the last time you heard this word on television? In Jesus’ day the term “disciple” was used often and everyone understood what a disciple was back in those days.

What about now? Is the word too old-fashioned and outdated to be useful for us today? Or is it possible that this word “disciple” can still be helpful to us today even after all this time?

Our current sermon series will go deeper and explore the meaning of this term. We will explore what a disciple is and what a disciple looks like. We will consider what is required to become a disciple and what a disciple does. Then we will ask, “How can I become a disciple of Jesus?”

Join us as we explore this new topic in our current sermon series. We are sure to discover more about what it means to follow Jesus and how we can be a Jesus’ follower, too!