Digging Deeper Study Guide

This week will mark the fifth week of adding the Digging Deeper Study Guide in our bulletin. I hope you are finding this study guide useful!

The goal was to provide a way for us to dig deeper into each week’s sermon. I am happy to share that at the very least I am digging deeper into the Bible to find appropriate material for this study guide. This also allows for a more in-depth study of each week’s sermon for me, too.

There is limited time on Sunday morning for me to really dig deeply into the message. I often feel the conflict of time during worship and I also don’t want to get too long-winded! The study guide provides an opportunity for us to expand on the sermon and dig deeper into the subject.

I hope you are finding the Digging Deeper Study Guide helpful. If you are, please share it with a friend and write a comment here on my blog to let me know you’re using it.