The Importance of Prayer

I am assuming if you are reading this blog then prayer is at least somewhat important to you. At its very basic level, prayer is defined as communication with God. Reminder: communication does not just involve talking, it involves listening, too!

How often do you pray? What do you pray for in your prayers? Is there anything for which we ought not to pray?

I believe God wants to hear from you. One of our prayers that we use in our church liturgy reads like this: “O God, who gave us birth, you are ever more ready to hear than we are to pray.” Communication in any relationship is crucially vital. Without constant communication two people drift apart. The same is true in our prayer life with God.

God wants to hear from you. So, won’t you pray and communicate with God today?


New Feature: SUM eNews

This week we implemented a new idea that will help us communicate the activities and ministries in our church.

“SUM eNews” is an electronic weekly news email and web page that will keep you informed of upcoming activities and news in the church. Each week, if you so desire, you can receive the eNews in your email. We will also post the eNews online on the church website. The beauty of this is that you can easily forward the SUM eNews to your friends and anyone who might be interested in our church. So, if you have a neighbor you’d like to invite to Terrific Tuesday this month, you can forward them the SUM eNews, which has information about Terrific Tuesday, as well as other pertinent news for the week.

The format of SUM eNews is consistent with our mission and vision. The newsworthy information will be categorized under the three headings: Gather! Grow! Make a Difference!

Gather! will include church news about upcoming “gathering” events. This could include Terrific Tuesday, Sunday Worship, and more.

Grow! will include opportunities for you to grow in your faith like Sunday School, Small Groups, Bible Studies, and more.

Make a Difference! will include news about upcoming activities that you can get involved with that will make a difference in the church, community, or world.

I hope you enjoy this new weekly feature at SUMC. If you have items to include in our eNews, please forward the information to Jackie in the church office.