Choir Sunday

This coming Sunday is Choir Sunday at Stroudsburg United Methodist Church!

This means the choir will lead worship from beginning to end and provide a wonderful arrangement of music at both 8:30am and 11:00am worship. Choir members will lead us through each element of worship. Then, you will be in for a real treat to hear the message of music they will share.

Choir Sunday is a long-standing tradition at SUMC. It features the musical talents of the choir and allows them to provide more leadership in worship, besides the anthems they provide throughout the year. It also marks the end of the choir season, which runs from Labor Day through Choir Sunday.

I always look forward to Choir Sunday each year. I know you are in for a treat this Sunday and hope you will be in attendance. Also, this is a great Sunday to bring a friend or neighbor to church. It is a non-threatening Sunday and will be blessing to all of us who will be here.

So, bring a friend and enjoy this special Choir Sunday at SUMC!