Journey to the Cross

Palm Sunday is a triumphant and uplifting experience for many of us. We wave palm branches and see the donkey as we begin worship. (Yes, for those of you who don’t know or haven’t seen it, we have a miniature donkey in worship on Palm Sunday as part of our celebration.) The children process behind the donkey, waving their palm branches and sporting wide smiles as they see a donkey in church. Of course, our purpose in doing this is to recollect some of the fascinating details regarding Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday.

Things changed quickly that week for Jesus, the religious leaders, and the crowd. Jesus was condemned to die on the cross.

As we journey to the cross, I hope we will really take some time to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us. This was truly an act of love!

The journey to the cross is not an easy one. Nevertheless, it is an important one. This coming Sunday we will examine some of the interesting details of Jesus’ crucifixion. Some recent archeological findings shed some light on some of these details. I am hopeful that we will not only learn some new things about the crucifixion, but we will be able to look at Jesus’ sacrifice in a personal way that will change our lives. These last 24 hours of Jesus’ life have a way of doing this. After all, these 24 hours did change the world!

24 Hours

My current sermon series is entitled “24 Hours that Changed the World.”

This series is adapted from Rev. Adam Hamilton’s series that he created a few years ago. You can find out more on his church’s website at

These sermons look in-depth at the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life here on earth. Each week we examine a different portion of these last 24 hours and contemplate what it must have been like to be there during these difficult hours in Jesus’ life.

From The Last Supper to the cross on Golgotha, we will walk this difficult journey with Jesus. We will learn some new things along the way and try to strengthen our faith through the careful examination of these hours. We will also look at the disciples and those around Jesus in these dark hours.

Join us in worship to journey through these 24 hours and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.