About Bob Shank

Bob Shank is not your traditional pastor. Sure, he is committed to serving the Lord, but his approach to ministry is a little different compared to what you see in many traditional churches. He likes the hands-on approach to ministry, believes strongly that all followers of Christ should actively be engaged in ministry, and enjoys preaching in a way that connects to every-day living. Bob is committed to sharing his Christian experiences through the stories he tells and by revealing the ups and downs of the spiritual journey. His passions are preaching and teaching the biblical stories, and encouraging others on the journey to connect with God through Jesus Christ.

Bob began serving the Lord in the local church where he was raised in St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Elizabethtown, PA. He attended 5 youth mission trips and felt the call to professional ministry. He graduated from Elizabethtown Area High School in 1983. That summer following his graduation he began serving in The Kensington Area Ministry, a cooperative parish of 9 United Methodist Churches in inner-city Philadelphia where he served as youth coordinator. Bob graduated from Temple University in 1987 with a degree in journalism. He then moved to western Pennsylvania and began attending Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and graduated in 1990.

He is happily married to Denise, his high-school sweetheart, and they are the proud parents of Lydia and James.

Bob has been the pastor of Stroudsburg United Methodist Church since July, 2002 where he continues to serve the Lord with enthusiasm and passion.

3 Responses

  1. We are glad you are here. Pete is signed up for WordPress and has a blog there. But that is as far as it goes. We don’t know the logistics. I am encouraging him to blog. Maybe you can explain it to him. Karen

  2. We are so happy to hear about your enthusiasm with Pastor Bob, but are sorrowed by the fact that he and his wonderful family are no longer with our church which is where he first started his career in Hellertown, PA. We, as a home family who were blessed with his great outreach and friendship with our oldest daughter, Mikara, and him being the one to confirm both our younger children, Naomi and Duane, stimulating their growth in God, and our church family who are all in intensive prayer for the whole family. We heard last week of the tribulations the family are enduring with the medical problems of sweet and beautiful, Denise.
    Prayers are being ardently sent from all the members of many of our local churches and those of all our family members and church members who have moved out of the area. Please embrace and enjoy your Christian outreach to Bob, Denise and their wonderful twins, James and Lydia. We love their Christian work and divine love for God and all His children that they cheerfully embrace with their own love. Let them feel ours pouring over them. Cheryl

  3. So pleased of your leadership on gun violence. I saw Independent Lens. I have stayed away from churches because of the extreme positions taken politically. You sensitized my heart. I have a longing for a church that leads towards peace, benevolence and love. You are a light along that pathway. Thank you.

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