Are You Practicing the Presence of God this week?

Last Sunday I preached about Brother Lawrence. His thoughts, conversations, and letters were put into print after he died. However, his impact in the development of spiritual life is incredibly huge. Many people find great value in his thoughts and try to emulate practicing the presence of God in their lives.

So, are you practicing the presence of God in your life this week?

My son and I were taught in baseball clinics that “perfect practice makes perfect.” We are mostly creatures of habit. We tend to do many of the same things over and over again. When practice is less than perfect, it probably is not helpful as much as it could be for us.

So how do we practice the presence of God?

Well, to begin with, it is more a lifestyle rather than a technique. Yes, we can do specific things to invoke God’s presence into our life (i.e. prayer, etc.) but we need to think more along the lines of having an ongoing conversation with God throughout the day. Instead of just starting your day off with prayer or praying at the end of the day, start talking with God all through the day. Have you ever asked these questions of God in the midst of your daily routine: God, what do you think of this job or task I am working on now? Am I doing it correctly? How can I do better? Do you care about this or have an opinion on what I am trying to accomplish?

God is with us more than we realize day by day and even moment by moment. Invite God into your daily routine. You probably will not see a drastic difference right away but keep at it. As you practice the presence of God in your life I am sure you will begin to eventually see some differences, and perhaps even major differences!


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