Worship: A Service or an Experience?

When you talk about worship, what words do you use? Think about this question for a few minutes. If you were to describe worship with someone who has never been to worship, how would you describe it? What words would you use?

Words are very important. In fact, they are imperative, and choosing the correct words is essential. Many of us old-timers, who have been to worship all of our lives, talk about worship without even thinking about it. For example, we might say, I went to the worship service this past Sunday.

Okay, what exactly is a “worship service?” Service is commendable, but when used to describe worship it sounds kind of academic and out of a sense of duty. Some of us were forced to go to worship; I know I was when I was a kid! This might be good for some, but a complete turnoff to others.

What if someone had a spiritual experience that was uplifting in worship? Could these words be better used to describe what we hope will happen with those who attend worship?

Now, if we are going to promote worship and invite newcomers to be in worship, what words can we can use to invite them? Come to our worship service, or come to our worship experience? What do you think? What words will you use?


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