The Power of Prayer


We just launched a new online software called “The Table Project.” The idea is to bring us together more often than just Sunday mornings. There are several features or apps in this program, but the one I want to talk about today is the Prayer App.

SUMC has a strong belief and practice in prayer. We have several Prayer Chains and almost all of our groups pray for one another in our church and extended families. We also spend time in corporate prayer on Sunday morning. We know the power and importance of prayer!

The church’s new Table Project helps us stay connected with one another in our prayer life virtually. Here’s how it works:

  1. Someone posts a prayer
  2. The prayer request is then sent out to others in the Table
  3. A persons who receive the request, clicks on a “Pray Now” button and then prayers a prayer
  4. The prayer request tracks how many prayers were offered up for this specific request
  5. The wonderful thing is this can be done from your computer, tablet, or smart phone
  6. The recipient of the prayer request knows that prayers were offered up on their behalf

This is all possible thanks to the new Table Project, but you have to sign up to be part of this meaningful aspect in our church’s prayer life. Think of it as another Prayer Chain but with a visible response for each prayer prayed for each request!

To sign up for the new SUMC Table Project, click here.

The Table Project offers many more features, but today I just wanted to highlight the Prayer App. Those who already are signed up are excited about how this Prayer App is working and how we get a real sense of our connectedness!

Sign up today (it’s free) and be part of our Stroudsburg UMC Table Project!



One Response

  1. I love the prayer requests app because when you speak with someone who needs prayers, you can post the request so quickly and the prayers come rolling in. I can also see how God has answered our prayers when they get updated.

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