How is it with your Prayer Life?

This coming Sunday’s sermon will ask the question: “How is it with your prayer life?”

We all assume that as Christians we know how to pray and that we actually pray all the time. But do we? Or do we only pray when we find ourselves in time of trouble or need?

Is your prayer life well-rounded? Are you confident in your talks with God or do you find yourself avoiding talks with God?

Do you know how to pray? What do you pray for? Do you pray at the same time every day? Do you pray before meals or before bedtime?

How is with your prayer life?

I’d love to hear how your prayer life is going and what struggles you may be encountering in your prayer life. So, how’s it going?


One Response

  1. We know that we must at some time surrender our earthly bodies to be with God in Heaven, but often we pray for God’s healing of our human bodies. So, for me, it is hard to know when is it time to pray for anyone dear to us that their earthly body has become a burden and time to give it up.

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