So, How Did It Go?

Yesterday in my sermon I challenged you to start doing daily devotions. I gave a few suggestions, such as using The Upper Room or Our Daily Bread. Alternatively, I suggested reading the same scripture passage each day for a week. The idea is to spend a little time each day in devotion to God. This allows us to learn more about God and grow closer to God.

So, how did you do today?

Did you spend some quality time in devotion to God today? I would love to hear how and what you did!


6 Responses

  1. Hi Bob, Well at least I am off to a good start – read the prodigal son passage you suggested on Facebook. Plan to read it all week – will let you know what develops!

  2. That’s great Peg! I will be anxious to hear how it goes the rest of the week and what insights you gain from this!

  3. Well, I was running behind so I tried the pre-sermon suggestion of the pray-as-you-go mp3 or wma files and maybe I need to give that more time because so far I don’t think I enjoyed that experience. It seemed to be a blend between a monastery and far Eastern religion. Then there was the confusion should I listen in mp3 or wma type file? So, I am looking forward now to moving onto, or rather back into The Upper Room.

    • Hi Paul! Give it some more time. The music changes and today’s music was great in my humble opinion. Of course, my taste in music is much more diverse than yours though. Meditation originated in the East as did our religion. Just give it some more time and then see what you think.

  4. I am so glad you like it, Carl. I love it, too. I try to listen to it every day and when I do my day seems to go better!

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