Confirmation/Pentecost Sunday

Today is Pentecost Sunday and the day we join the confirmands into the membership of the church.

The original Pentecost was a day filled with the Spirit! Tongues like fire descended on those gathered together and the Spirit Jesus had promised came upon them. It was truly a holy day! It was also the birth of the church and a revival that would change the world. We need revival in our churches today, too!

Too many of us attend church but never expect God’s Spirit to move us in worship. This is sad but it certainly doesn’t need to be this way. Today, this Pentecost Sunday, go to church expecting the Holy Spirit to move your heart and soul!

At Stroudsburg UMC we will be focusing on this passage in Acts chapter 2. We will also have fans blowing on the congregation to help simulate the movement of God’s mighty presence. Confirmands will be making promises of church membership requirements and adult and children choirs will be invoking the presence of the Spirit in song. We will also be using the song, “Come Sail Away” by Styx to inspire us.

If you are in Stroudsburg area, we’d love to have you join us!



2 Responses

  1. I will make sure to read your blog before each sermon as happily today I was prepared when a fellow choir member asked about the fans all over the sanctuary. Very creative!

  2. Thanks, Paul! Today was truly a special day in worship. The feedback and enthusiasm was talked about by many. We need to step up the creativity in worship and this was just one example of many ways we can make worship exciting and inspiring! Thanks for your comment and encouragement!

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