An Effective Church

What is a successful or effective church in your opinion?

I have always thought that there are several key indicators of the health of any church:

  • Worship attendance
  • Newly Committed Members
  • Financial giving and stewardship
  • Missions

I am sure there are plenty of additional indicators that you can think of when it comes to the health of any church, but for me these are the key indicators.

Worship attendance is the lifeblood of any church. Unfortunately, most if not all the mainline denominations are losing numbers in Sunday morning attendance. Some people claim the church is irrelevant or are just too busy to bother getting in church themselves. There is plenty of blame to go around, but rather than focusing on the negative I prefer to shift focus to the potential we have in the church. For example, in 2006 SUMC realized a lose of 23 worshippers on average over the year. A number of deaths in the congregation contributed to this loss, but didn’t explain all of it. Then, in 2007, we lost 5 more worshippers on average. Well, over the past two years we have seen a slight increase in worship attendance. 11 more worshippers on average attended in 2008 and so far this year, through the month of April, we have seen 4 more worshippers on average. This increase is 15 over the past two years; not enough to make up for the loss but definitely moving in the right direction.

Why attend worship? Well, for one thing, it obeys one of the 10 Commandments–“observe the Sabbath to keep it holy.” And worship is an opportunity for you to praise the Lord for all the good that is happening in your life! Worship also can recharge your spiritual batteries for the upcoming week.

Attend worship this week and see if I am right about any of this.


One Response

  1. Pastor Bob,

    Love the idea of a church blog. I agree with your commentary. However, let us always remind ourselves and others of the basics- there IS a God; that God can be known; that God being loving and benevolent revealed Himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ; and that by knowing, loving, and serving God we open ourselves to His blessing, gaining true meaning and purpose for ourselves and others.

    I have thought a lot lately of people I know (and people I don’t know) who do not know God. I would love for such people to know the spiritual refreshment I experience by being a part of the church. I wish I had a simple answer to reaching such people. Still, I have to believe that God is in control. I liken the times in which we are living to those times depicted in the bible when God’s people turned away from their good religion, and sometimes experienced dreadful consequences. These fleeting, present moments are nothing compared to God’s eternity.

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